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Longplayer is looked after by the Longplayer Trust, which is a nonprofit charitable organisation. We rely completely on private donations and grants to keep Longplayer widely and freely available, to fund its upkeep, and to research and implement strategies for its survival.

Every gift is important to us, however small, and there are several ways you can help:

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    Longplayer Patrons helps us to plan into the future.
    These are the ways you can become involved with Longplayer over three years of its 1000 year journey, and the benefits you can enjoy:

    Become a patron

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    Sponsor a Bowl

    Sponsor a bow and help complete the full set of bowls for the Longplayer Live performances. The bowl will be engraved with a word of your choice and remain a part of the Longplayer instrument to the year 3000 and beyond.

    Sponsor a bowl

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    Make a donation

    Donate directly to Longplayer. Every donation, of whatever size, is important to us.

    Make a donation

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    Purchase books and programmes related to Longplayer. By purchasing through our Bookshop, you’ll help support the Longplayer project.

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