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    Live Stream

    Listen to Longplayer, streamed live from Trinity Buoy Wharf in London.

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    Longplayer Live

    From the outset, Longplayer was a project designed to seek out its own survival strategies. Over the last few years this effort has been focussed on the development of Longplayer Live, a long-durational live performance for 6 – 12 players. Representing a unique fragment from an enormous continuum, each live performance is calculated to synchronize precisely with…

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    Longplayer For Voices

    A vocal version of Longplayer is currently in development. This project will see the development of a version of Longplayer stripped of any need for technology and as such is a significant step in Longplayer’s strategy for survival.

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Additional Material


While Longplayer is most often described as a 1000 year long musical composition, the preoccupations that led to its conception were not of a musical nature...


Essays and writings on the subject of Longplayer and its themes. Writers include Janna Levin, Kodwo Eshun and Christine and Margaret Wertheim.